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The last 20 years Trachoni has developed rapidly both in population and in size. It must be stressed however that the past seven years social services have been upgraded and that the infrastructure and decorative projects that are constantly announced have turned it into an adornment for the area.

The reparative and developmental projects have surpassed every expectation. The tireless President of the Community Council along with the other members and the various committees formed -the most important being the Cultural Committee and the C.C.W -have a worthy output to present.

The provision of building plots to the inhabitants, the construction of cultural centers, the creation of parks, the construction of a community sports center, the widening of streets, pavement construction, and the creation of a Handcrafts & Small Industries Zone are some of the most important projects that have been completed or are at an advanced stage.

The way it is today, Trachoni can play a very significant role in the greater vicinity. The course of improvement continues with an intense pace. Every member of the community can individually feel proud for the advancement, the progress, and the quality of life today. But at the same time dropping our guard down is not allowed. The rapid advancement of the community leaves only one choice: hard work and the realization of the vision of a creative and productive community.

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